California Missing From Job Creation Race — Local Impact?

Looking at this graphic,  what struck me was that California is not even in the top ten of job creation states.


According to the News at

This year’s fastest growing state for technology jobs is built on two pillars: the highest percentage growth and the most new positions added in the first half of the year. In fact, this state has created so many new jobs, it now ranks as having the second largest workforce of technology professionals behind California, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics covering computer systems design and related services.

Let’s do the two-step for Texas.

California was once the leader is job creation coming out of past recessions.  Why are we lagging behind now? Could it be rising energy prices? Could it be over regulation? Could it be hostility toward business development? Could it be our high taxes?  Or, most likely a combination of all four.

As the Nevada County Economic Resource Council attempts to jump start the local economy, they are competing against all the business friendly states in the graphic above, especially Texas which has targeted California businesses.  Why move a business to Nevada County, when there are clear opportunities in other more business friendly states?

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