The Union’s Web Connect Died a Slow Death


I suggested to Brian Hamilton that he might like to link this blog to Web Connect and this is the reply that I got back:

Thanks for reaching out.While I’m sure you do often provide commentary on
local issues, just to be clear, we’re not looking for blogs that engage in
the typical back-and-forth, left vs. right, national politics. There is
enough of that on every cable TV “news” station, and an endless number of
Internet websites and blogs as well. We’d prefer to focus on connecting
our community and issues of local interest.

That said, certainly if you have a particular viewpoint you’d like to
share as part of our Ideas & Opinions pages ‹ which we’d rather would
focus on local issues ‹ please do send it over.

For example, considering your background with the ERC, your interest in
economic development and the need for a serious discussion ‹ and action ‹
on it here in Nevada County, that would be an Other Voices I’d very much
like to share on our opinion pages.
Thanks and all the best,


It appears that Web Connect has gone fallow, since the last post was 4 months ago. One would think they would be embarrassed and take it down. According to Storify it only had about 860 views. Maybe Brian just got tired of posting uninteresting self congratulatory blog posts to Web Connect.

I have tried to focus this blog on local issues and national issues that had local content or impact, like climate change or the lack of it. I hope to provide some insight to issues The Union would never touch, the cost of AB-32, the expansions of Agenda 21 in Nevada County, problems with the ERC economic development plan, lack of leadership at the Rood Center, etc. I started blogging because The Union kept loosing my Other Voices, and I am not going down that road again.

Someone should call Brian and let him know the Web Connect has died so he can give it a proper burial.


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