Programing Note: Rebane on KVMR – EMP Threat

On Friday, August 15 a bit before  6:25 PM George Rebane will examine the EMP threat in a KVMR Editorial.

There are more EMP threat details in this HotAir Article: When the lights go out forever. . .

It would come with almost no warning. Without any immediate signs as to why, the lights go out, cars stop dead, telephones cease to function, everything with a microchip in it fails, and most of it all never works again.

In the wake of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack on the United States, part or all of the country is thrust back into the 1860s but with 10 times the population. The threat is real, it is pressing, and the United States is doing little to address it.

Read the rest HERE.  More HERE on EMP from the Sun.  It happens about every 150 years and we are over due.


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