Republicans on a Roll

Ellen and I attended the Republican Summer BBQ this afternoon, along with 180 other Republican supporters. This was the largest BBQ gathering ever held, according to Debra Wilder, who heads the Central Committee. This follows a highly successful booth at the County Fair.

I was impressed by the open and welcoming booth at the Fair this year that invited in the passerby to come in a learn about the Republican Party and the candidates running in the parties banner.
Rep_Fair Booth

I was also impressed by posters on the wall of the booth that introduced and explained issues we are living with and will have to live with in the future.
Here is on example exploring the impact of technology on jobs and job growth.

Unemployment and Technology



Employment and Technology #2
Emplpyment and Technology #3a

The graphics were produced by Fred Buhler for the booth and were on display at the BBQ. More graphics in a future post.


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6 Responses to Republicans on a Roll

  1. Todd Juvinall says:

    When I was the Chairman we had the largest ever at 750 on the grass at the Fairgrounds. It was my first time to put one together. Ray Shine cooked the pork and we had the event away from the back on the hill for the first time. We made $14,000 bucks for the Central Committee. I thanked Bill Clinton for the turnout.


    • Russ Steele says:


      Thanks for the history. We have a worse President now than Bill Clinton, but less turn out. Any ideas why?


      • Todd Juvinall says:

        We seem to have apathy to the nth degree. That is the result of people giving up thinking they make a difference. More government, more regulations. Gerrymandering andf shitty politicians.


  2. Ray Shine says:

    Back in th elate 70s early 80s when Downey Clinch and Frank Gallino were running the BBQ we routinely had 500-700 attendees at the GOP BBQ in early Sept. Even more when Gene Chappie brought the Ophir Hill band from the Constitution day parade without notice


  3. Russ Steele says:

    Every where I go, I am asking people if they know about the AB-32 forced fuel price jump coming on 1 Jan 2015. I am surprised how few people know about AB-32 and it’s impact on energy prices, including some [not all] of our dinner companions at the the Republican BBQ who were not aware of the price jump coming on 1 Jan 2015.


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