Super Cold Winter in Eastern US, More Warm Drought For CA

I was at Barnes and Noble in Roseville the other day and saw the Old Farmer’s Almanac on the book rack and was going to see what they were predicting for the coming year. But, alas it was last years issue!

In the news today the AP is reporting the new issue was published today, Wednesday the 20th with the typical folksy advice and fun facts, including a colder winter and warmer summer.

Published Wednesday, the New Hampshire-based almanac predicts a “super-cold” winter in the eastern two-thirds of the country. The west will remain a little bit warmer than normal.

“Colder is just almost too familiar a term,” Editor Janice Stillman said. “Think of it as a refriger-nation.”

The full AP story is HERE.  Despite some winter downpours in the west, the almanac says California’s drought will likely continue.

The hoped for strong El Niño, and lot of rain is just not happening. Forecasters are still hoping for a weak one to develop this fall. Only time will tell, as Mother Nature has a plan.

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  1. gjrebane says:

    Russ, your headline says that CA will have a “super cold winter”, yet in the body you quote “the west will remain a bit warmer than normal”. I’m puzzled as to what kind of winter we should expect here in CA.


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