Does Arrival of Dollar General Impact View of Community?

We have traveled across the United States several times in our RV rig, avoiding the freeways whenever possible, taking us through may back woods communities. One to the economic indicators that we observed was the presence of well-stocked auto dealerships. In the last few years, we saw many empty dealerships, much like we have Nevada County.

One of the other indicators of an economically struggling community was the plethora of Dollar Stores. One of the standout was the Dollar General, with their bright yellow signs. Right or wrong, we took that as a sign of a community that was struggling economically, where as the presence of a Target or Wal-Mart was a sign of more robust economy.

When The Dollar Store opened on Sutton Way in the Basin, it was an indicator that there were large segments in the community that were watching their budgets. Then the arrival of Dollar General, building a store across from the Fowler Center, may be sending a similar message on our community. Now the possibility of two more stores in Nevada County, is sending a stronger message to the community — we are struggling.

It is important how we view this message and other outside the community view the message. Right or wrong, we viewed the presence of “Dollar Stores” as a sign the communities we were traveling through were struggling.

How do you view the arrival of the discount “Dollar Stores”?

About Russ Steele

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