The West Without Water: An Interview with Dr. B. Lynn Ingram

Erico Matias at Sinclair and Co conducted the interview, which is published HERE.

I have read and re-read The West Without Water and it is facilitating given the uncertainty of the states current drought. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

ET: If you had to ascribe a probability of severely dry decades in the West occurring over the foreseeable future, what would it be?

LI: A team of researchers have analyzed past and present climate change and shown that there is a 50 to 60 percent chance of a 35-year drought occurring in the West.

ET: That’s a very high probability! And as you look at the historical record, what is the worst case scenario for the region? California in particular is such an important state for the US and indeed the world, so the consequences of a prolonged drought could be far reaching. As a state resident, what keeps you up at night? What other states could also be impacted?

LI: The worst case scenario is a repeat of the medieval droughts, which would primarily impact California and the Southwest. The past decade has been very dry in this region, and if it continues for more decades, that would be very difficult.

I also worry about a mega-flood hitting the region, as we’ve seen every one to two centuries. The last one was in 1861-62, and filled the entire Central Valley (350 miles long and 20 miles wide) with water 20 feet deep. This was caused by 43 days of rain from atmospheric river storms.

The one negative in the book is the authors genuflection to anthropogenic global warming, warming all caused by human CO2 emissions. For a real scientist to promote this crap science is troubling. But, one must recognize that in academia one has to profess to believe in AGW to get research projects funded and the results published.  Let’s hope that Dr. B. Lynn Ingram and her co-author are just playing the academic game. When one reads that the authors support AGW a reader is force to re-evaluate the rest of their science.

That said, I highly recommend the book and I certainly agree with Dr. Ingram

I just hope that if the state begins a serious and comprehensive effort, we will be prepared to make it through the dry periods.

What are your doing to prepare?

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