Dollar Stores Sign of Struggling Communities?

I wrote here about Dollar Stores HERE, and this post adds some support to the idea that when Dollar stores appear it is a sign of a struggling community.  According to Business Insider Report, Dollar Store customers are much poorer than WalMart Customers.

Wal-Mart’s customers are considerably wealthier than shoppers at dollar stores like Family Dollar and Dollar General, according to new data.

Four in 10 Family Dollar shoppers have a household income of less than $25,000, which is slightly higher than the poverty level for a family of four, a survey from the consulting firm Kantar Retail shows.

By comparison, 27% of Wal-Mart shoppers’ households earn less than $25,000.

Overall, Wal-Mart customers have an average household income of $53,125, which is in line with the median income for all U.S. households last year.

Shoppers at Family Dollar and Dollar General earn about $8,000 less annually, with average household incomes of $44,972 and $45,640, respectively.

Do you think the appearance of Dollar Stores in the community  are a sure sign of an  economically  struggling community?

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8 Responses to Dollar Stores Sign of Struggling Communities?

  1. Sean says:

    This is an interesting observation about Dollar stores. The average household income of their shoppers is $45K and their cashiers make $8/hr. For Walmart it’s $53k and $9/hr while at Costco it’s $96k and $14/hr. How many Costco stores are in your county?


    • Russ Steele says:

      We do not have any Costco stores in Nevada County, our General Plan prohibits “big box stores” so we have to rely on little box stores like Dollar General. A Costco is going in just across the southern County line in Placer County , which will attract a lot of Nevada County customers who now drive to Rosevile to shop at Costco.


      • Sean says:

        I had always felt that the Walmart’s success was an inverse of the state of the economy. Shopping there was a way people could save a few dollars when times got tight. Costco is successful because it has a relatively small number of items (~4000) that are sold in larger than normal quantities and they make their margins on volume. Costco has nearly $600K of sales per employee. Walmart is a store that stocks a lot of items (~100,000) so there is great selection and they hold the line on costs with an efficient distribution network. Their sales are $218K per employee. The Dollar stores are short on selection like Costco (10-12,000 items) and they are located in strip malls with relatively small footprints. Their sales are only $185K per employee. With the Dollar stores undercutting Walmart for the lower income consumer, I guess we’ll need to look to Family Dollar or Dollar General to be the inverse economic barometer going forward.


  2. Barry Pruett says:

    What would Cartman write about if it weren’t for The Union? Not much of a newsflash that we have a lot of poor people in Nevada County. We do not have a lot of jobs with people leaving California instead of moving up the hill. This trend will continue until the legislature and the governor figure out that bloated budgets and hyper-regulation is a “slight” drag on the economy.


  3. RL Crabb says:

    Jeff Pelline discovers poor people in Nevada County. What a scoop!


  4. jeffpelline says:

    Hey Russ, what would you write about if it wasn’t for my blog? LOL.


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