Nevada City’s Hand Waving Energy Savings and CO2 Gotcha!

This was published at YubaNet:

Nevada City, Calif. September 24, 2014 – Sierra Business Council (SBC) is breaking new ground in the energy efficiency field in the Sierra Nevada. Nevada City has partnered with SBC to develop strategies for increasing energy efficiency in the area that will result in reduced emissions and dollars saved on energy bills. The strategies will be augmented by concrete measures the community can readily implement within a reasonable timeframe. The measures will also be designed to help boost the local economy and improve local air quality.

Nevada City installed solar panels in the roof of City Hall and on the changing structure at the City Swimming Pool. After a year I contacted the city manager to find out how much the city has saving with the solar panels. He said they did not know it was just too hard to calculate.

Now working with the numerically challenged Sierra Business Council they are going to calculate the city energy use for future planning. What happened to the current savings, which were too hard to calculate by the city staff?

The work is part of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company Government and Community Partnerships Program that provides communities with data that can be used for future planning decisions related to energy usage and efficiency.

I would like to know what was the savings that resulted from the installation of the solar panels on the roof of City Hall? How long is it going to take the city to pay off the cost of the solar panel installation and start making a return of the taxpayer investments?

But, this is all a smoke screen for a CO2 audit. How much CO2 does the City generate? This data will come back to bite the city when CARB demands a 20% reduction from this SBC established base line.

The City is looking for some public input, at a date yet to be determined. They claim that this is audit is at no cost to Nevada City. Right, it was paid for a by a fee on your energy bills. You are paying for this CO2 inventory all to promote some very bad science. There is not valid scientific proof that CO2 is causing global warming or violent weather, as claimed by the SBC.

It’s a huge achievement that Nevada City has taken the first steps in understanding the community’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

The huge achievement is that the Nevada City Council has been bamboozles in participating in the promotion of a CO2 audit all in support of some failed anthropogenic global warming science.

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  1. gjrebane says:

    Thanks for the post Russ. Would dearly like to know what cookbook methodology the SBC will use, and who was the author of the cookbook. gjr


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