More Measure S By The Numbers

It is estimated that in California there are 14.69 medical marijuana users per 1,000 according to the Medical Marijuana Webpage. There are 98,200 residence in Nevada County according to the US Census. So, if we round off to 98,000 and there are 14.59 users per thousand we and we multiple 98 x 14.69 = 1,440 estimated user of MMJ in Nevada County. George Rebane at Rumination’s used the Colorado numbers to estimate approximately 2,200 patients need MMJ in Nevada County.

Therefore,  number of MMJ users in Nevada County ranges from 1,440 to 2,200 not the tens of thousands claimed by pro-S promoters led by Ms Smith. It is unfortunate that the Pro Measure S folks cannot do the numbers. The last time I checked they still have human fingers and toes to count on, or they can use / / / / / marks in the dirt, or knots on a string like our ancestors did thousands of years ago.

Why is it so hard for the liberal mind to grasp numbers?

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2 Responses to More Measure S By The Numbers

  1. gjrebane says:

    Dena is right, it’s THEIR ideas that count. And especially when the facts involve numbers we run into that long-running conclusion – liberals don’t do numbers. Imagine that the lead supporter of Measure S is either an arithmetic cripple, or believes that Nevada County’s population is around 400,000, or four times its actual number. Mind boggling how these people can make reasonable decisions. A more compassionate soul once said that it’s not that liberals always get the wrong answers, it’s just that when they try to think, they have bad luck.


  2. Dena says:

    It the ideas and not the facts that count in the liberal mind, or in other words, don’t try to confuse the issue with the facts.


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