Failing Education System

The liberal controlled education system  has failed, yet they demand more money to fix the problem, yet there is no evidence that lack of money is the problem. Consider your vote carefully in November.

About Russ Steele

Freelance writer and climate change blogger. Russ spent twenty years in the Air Force as a navigator specializing in electronics warfare and digital systems. After his service he was employed for sixteen years as concept developer for TRW, an aerospace and automotive company, and then was CEO of a non-profit Internet provider for 18 months. Russ's articles have appeared in Comstock's Business, Capitol Journal, Trailer Life, Monitoring Times, and Idaho Magazine.
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1 Response to Failing Education System

  1. gjrebane says:

    Great pick up Russ, and it makes the point well that our govt doesn’t have a clue on how to educate America’s kids – an important point completely lost on progressives.


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