Nevada City Supports Bad Anthropogenic Science

The following was published in The Union about an up coming energy workshop:

The [Nevada City] council plans to obtain public input through an upcoming community workshop that is yet to be scheduled. Under the PG&E program, the Sierra Business Council, a nonprofit organization that promotes projects for social, natural and economic capital in the Sierra Nevada, has conducted 46 other energy inventories for local Sierra Nevada jurisdictions.

“It’s a huge achievement that Nevada City has taken the first steps in understanding the community’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions,” the Sierra Business Council stated in a press release. “Being more energy efficient also reduces the amount of money spent on utility bills, making housing more affordable while freeing up money that can be better spent within the local economy.”

I have no problem with the City Council effort to reduce energy consumption, as the price of energy will continue to rise as the California Air Resources Board increases energy taxes, all in it’s effort to reduce greenhouse gasses and save the planet from global warming under AB-32, The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. The problem is their is no longer any scientific basis for assuming there is a significant connection between human emissions greenhouse gasses and cataclysmic warming of the climate. In fact, warming has paused for the last 18 years, while CO2 emission continue to increase mainly from natural sources,  like the growing number of active surface and undersea volcanos spewing CO2.

I invite readers to Rebane’s Ruminations, Scattershots – 10oct14, and the discussion on climate change. Dr. Judith Curry was a global warmer until she started to take serious look at the data. The models used by the anthropogenic warmers just do not pass scientific muster, according to Dr Curry.

The Nevada City Council is just promoting bad science by participating in greenhouse gas audits. Saving energy, it a good thing, but the reason should not be to reduce greenhouse gasses, it should be to save tax payer dollars, and not supporting a political agenda promoted by the Sierra Business Council and PG&E.

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