RVing Coming to Nevada City?

Ellen and I are RVers. We have traveled across the US several times on long extended trips, including week long trips in Canada. When we traveled to New Zealand we toured the country in a Mercedes Campervan. We stayed mostly in Holiday Parks which provided sites for tents, caravans and campervans, which included a central kitchen with hotplates and hot water dispensers.

Over the years we have marveled at how some communities are RV and camper friendly and others seem to ignore the economic advantages of accommodating the growing community of retired RVers and family campers. For many retired couples fulltime RVing is becoming a lifestyle choice and for families camping it is a low cost and interesting way to travel with children. When our four daughters were growing up we tent camped with our VW Bus, used a popup trailer tent with our Volve sedan, and for several years had a 25 foot travel trailer we pulled with a International Travelall. Today we have a 28 foot Airsteam pulled by a GMC 2500 pick up, our dream rig.



As life long campers, we often wondered why Western Nevada County was not more RV friendly like many of the communities we visited across the country and in New Zealand? There is no RV parking at Chamber of Commerce Sites. No camp grounds of RV parks with in walking distance of down town areas. The Fair Grounds has an RV park, but it is filled by venders during special events, not RV tourists.

It looks like that may be changing in Nevada City. According to a Planning Commission Report, and agenda item, Dan and Erin Thiem, who run the Outside Inn in downtown Nevada City, are planning a camp ground off of Kidder Court, near the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum.

Site details are here:


This looks like a great project. In many ways it appears to model the Holiday Parks we used in New Zealand. They were great places to stay for an over night, or for a few days of touring in the area. I think the property chosen for the site would be a real asset to the community. It will make Nevada City and Western Nevada County much more RV and camper friendly. Something the community needs to foster.

H/T to Sierra Foothills Report for highlighting this proposed economic addition to the community. More details HERE.

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  1. Brad says:

    Russ, is that your rig in the photo? We have long been Airstream fans. My wife is looking for an older model to renovate.


    • Russ Steele says:


      Yes, that is our rig. We were planning on finding one to renovate, but decided it would take too long and bought one. There some Airstream magazines that have used for sale.


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