Quicky Mid-October 2014 El Niño Update

Many Sierra foothill folks were hoping for a 2014 El Niño to help fill our water storage facilities and restore the states ground water.  It does not look like it is going to happen, thus we need to address California’s on going drought.   It is time to start thinking about the next phase of adaption, redirecting gray water to waters trees and plants in our yards, like many in Nevada County did in the 1976-77 drought.   Navy showers will become the norm, wet down and then turn off the water. Soap up and then rinse using the minimum amount of water.  Showering with your partner can save water.    We are all must make changes in our lives if we are going to survive an extended drought.  They best we can hope for this years is normal rain fall season.  Stay tuned.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale

This is a quick update on the status of the sea surface temperatures of the equatorial Pacific, along with a brief discussion of the recent excursion of the daily Southern Oscillation Index into El Niño conditions.  Things are NOT looking good if you’ve been looking forward to an El Niño (California), and things are looking up if you don’t want one (Australia).


Note: The NOAA NOMADS website is still off-line, so I used the weekly NINO region sea surface temperature anomaly data for Figures 1 and 2 from the NOAA/CPC Monthly Atmospheric & SST Indices webpage, specifically the data here.  The data from NOAA NOMADS was provided with oodles of significant figures, while the NOAA/CPC data are provided in tenths of a degree C. The base years for anomalies through NOMADS were 1971-2000, while the NOAA/CPC data are referenced to…

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