National Public Radio Guts its Climate Reporting Team

By Katherine Bagley, InsideClimate News

NPR has cut back on the number of staffers focused solely on the environment and climate change.

Earlier this year, the news outlet had three full-time reporters and one editor dedicated to covering the issue within NPR’s science desk. One remains—and he is covering it only part-time. A few reporters on other desks occasionally cover the topic as well.

The move to shift reporters off the environment beat was driven by an interest to cover other fields more in depth, said Anne Gudenkauf, senior supervising editor of NPR’s science desk.

This change is reporting strategy could put a crimp in climate change reporting at those local news outlets, and lefty groups, in Nevada County that depend National Propaganda Radio for there climate change news.

Why is National Propaganda Radio no longer concerned about global warming? Could it be the evidence for no anthropogenic warming is becoming so compelling they are uncomfortable continuing supporting Al Gores AGW religion?

Perhaps a bigger question is, does this mean the climate skeptics are winning the climate change argument, and that NPR has thrown in the towel?

Your thoughts?

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  1. gjrebane says:

    Could also be that ‘the debate is over’ crowd is making so much progress in the land of the great unwashed that it no longer pays to even bring up the topic.


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