People Starting To Ask About Motive For Massive IPCC Deception

It is hard for the low information voters to understand that they are being captured and controlled under UN Agenda 21. It is time that more people start asking question and seeing fact based answer.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Opinion: Dr.Tim Ball

Skeptics have done a reasonable job of explaining what and how the IPCC created bad climate science. Now, as more people understand what the skeptics are saying, the question that most skeptics have not, or do not want to address is being asked – why? What is the motive behind corrupting science to such an extent? Some skeptics seem to believe it is just poor quality scientists, who don’t understand physics, but that doesn’t explain the amount, and obviously deliberate nature, of what has been presented to the public. What motive would you give, when asked?

The first step in understanding, is knowledge about how easily large-scale deceptions are achieved. Here is an explanation from one of the best proponents in history.

“All this was inspired by the principle – which is quite true in itself – that in the big lie there is always…

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1 Response to People Starting To Ask About Motive For Massive IPCC Deception

  1. gjrebane says:

    People just “starting” to ask about the motive for IPCC’s deception and its being ignored by the powers that be have either not been paying attention, kept their noses stuck to the lamestream, or are part of the gruberized class of Americans. The obvious reasons have been presented to them for years. In any event, it takes longer for stuff to sink in if it has to go through thick strata.


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