Local Community Leader Comments on Ferguson

Reinette Senum writes in a comment at Sierra Foothills Report in reference to a posting about No indictments in Ferguson


This comment  seems to imply that Ms Senum thinks the fires in Ferguson last night were started by the police or by criminals let loose on the streets by the police? Is this how you read Ms Senums statement? Is this the kind of response we expect from our community leader in Nevada County?

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4 Responses to Local Community Leader Comments on Ferguson

  1. Dena says:

    There are so many thing that go into this.
    The left has not problems with presenting a lie as a fact.
    Far to much of the left is low information and can only understand their side of the story. Far to many people feel they are owed something even if they are unwilling to earn it.
    We are seeing vigilante justice better known as a lynch mob.

    Civilization is really very thin armor and all of the above are able to break through to the animal part of far to many humans. I think everybody can be broke by hitting on the correct weak point but lack of education and lack of moral make it easy not only to break the walls down but to break them down in a controllable direction, We even had Obama come out on the side of the lynch mob and then he was on the air last nigh pretending to be on the side of the sane.
    We has ISIS, black leader like Al Sharpton, black muslims, community organizers and anarchist all stirring the pot. Who needs undercover police and criminals when there is already a full crew at work creating unrest in Ferguson? I am sure there were many criminals at work, but the police were all out there earning overtime attempting to avoid getting killed and attempting to keep the peace.
    In 1976 when I first moved to California, I visited the section of town where the watts riots took place. Over 10 years latter, the place was deserted and there were bars on the windows. The place felt like a prison with cells on both sides of the road. That is the future that awaits any place where the people are unable to keep their emotions under control. The police understand this truth and would rather lived and work in a happy community instead of some waste land out of a movie about the future.
    This was all the work of the community where far to few people have had to earn a living but instead take from each other or the government to survive. The cure will take years and require the efforts of both the left and the right.


    • Russ Steele says:

      I understand from the Tom Sullivan radio show today that Watts still has not recovered. I doubt that Ferguson will recover any time soon. Why would any corporation want to rebuild, when it could be touched at anytime.

      Why did they announce the finding after dark, giving looters and the agitators cover? Six in the morning with the sun shining would have been a better time. Why activate the Nat Guard and then not use them? My guess the real plan was to let crowd riot and get it out of there systems. In other words some one at the WH send word to let Ferguson burn, keep the military back. Perhaps retribution for the GJ not making the decision the WH and the AG was looking for. They never let the facts get in the way before, why should the facts of the case be allowed to get in the way this time.


  2. gjrebane says:

    Interesting connection Bob – an unusual charge of police releasing criminals to cause havoc with widespread skepticism about Obama’s birthplace. One which can be readily resolved, the other which apparently cannot. But the real question is about how they are equivalent.


  3. RL Crabb says:

    Is it any worse than “community leaders” who still believe the president was born in Kenya and plans to overthrow the government? Everybody’s got their own boogiemen. Politics has become a form of mental illness.


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