No No No!

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Romney showing renewed interest in ’16…


We do not need more retreads. We need new ideas, new visions, not more elite Republicanism!

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3 Responses to No No No!

  1. Russ Steele says:

    SORRY, BUT I’M UNENTHUSED: Jeb Bush Fires 2016 Starting Pistol. Jeb’s a nice guy, and would certainly be a better President than Obama — but, then, my cat would be a better President than Obama, and I don’t own a cat.

    I don’t want any more Bushes or Clintons. It’s embarrassing to see this kind of dynasticism in Amerca. My concern is that the GOP’s donor class can only get interested in candidates that the GOP’s base finds unappealing, and vice versa.
    Glem Reynolds


  2. gjrebane says:

    Not to commit to an early endorsement, but since 2012 the ideas and visions of the Romney/Ryan ticket, along with their predictions of Obama’s follies, have pretty much come to pass. Almost all of the two dozen or so Republicans positioning themselves for a 2016 candidacy are now issuing their own versions of what Romney and Ryan laid down in the public record. If these two are the bottom of the barrel candidates for president, then the Repubs must be doing well indeed. (As a tearful reminder of our gruberized electorate, I still have my Romney/Ryan sign up by our front gate.)


    • Russ Steele says:

      My problem with Romney is that he was a global warmer before running for President, then when he decided to run he became a mild skeptic, and then after he lost he went back to being an anthropogenic global warmer. If he runs again, will he become a skeptic again? If he does not undestand the science of climate change, what else doe he not understand.


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