Native American Mary Jane Competition

First it was no-tax cigarettes, then Indian Casinos, and now government sanctioned marijuana farming on Native American reservations. Details at the LA Times:

U.S. won’t stop Native Americans from growing, selling pot on their lands — Opening the door for what could be a lucrative and controversial new industry on some Native American reservations, the Justice Department on Thursday will tell U.S. attorneys to not prevent tribes from growing or selling marijuana on the sovereign lands, even in states that ban the practice.

Why should we care? The largest agricultural crop in Nevada County is marijuana. Nevada County’s marijuana is know around the world as some of the best in the market. My source, Oregon Service Station Attendants. That recognition brings a lot of money to Nevada County. Some stiff competition from the Native American marijuana farmers in California and through out the West could provide some stiff competition for our largest agricultural product.  Less money to spend in local stores.

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