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I am re-bloging this as it could just as easily be an open letter to our local lefty global warmers who have no understanding of the skeptical scientist views on global warming or climate change. Please read with an open mind.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Andy May

polifacrThis is an open letter to Lauren Carroll regarding her article on December 17, 2014.

I have sent a very similar letter to her asking for her comments, but no reply yet. I’m always annoyed at the media “bait and switch” tactic of picking the most outlandish statements of the “other side” and shooting them down thoughtlessly as if the statement represented the whole of the argument. This is just one case, but it is on a web site that portrays itself as a media and political watchdog that reaches for understanding over ideological rhetoric. It is also a web site that should not take sides, but usually does. I thought it might be useful to discuss the points from a scientific perspective. I doubt I will change Ms. Carroll’s somewhat biased perspective on climate change, but others may find this discussion useful.

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