Cracking Big Green

Gig GreenI just finished reading Cracking Big Green: To Save the World from the Save-the-Earth Money Machine on my Kindle. I usually have two or more books I am reading one on the Kindle, one on the iPad and a real paper book for scribbling in the margins with my fountain pen. But I digress.

Cracking Big Green has 13 positive reviews on Amazon and 2 negative ones. Here is one of the positive reviews by Alan Caruba, and well know author on climate change issues:

This book will astound readers who will discover how many millions of dollars environmental organizations receive from foundations, corporations and others, including membership. It documents and demonstrates the financial muscle that Greens have to advance their agenda, one that attacks access to and use of fossil fuels and any other technology that advances the economy and our lives. Using fear tactics and propaganda, Greens distort or ignore the real science that affects the welfare of the Earth. Until a wider understanding of their financial power is more widely known and understood they will be free to wreak havoc in countless ways. “Cracking Big Green” should be read by everyone who keeps wondering why the Earth has been in a cooling cycle for nearly two decades at the same time Greens keep talking about “global warming.” The facts the authors provide are invaluable.

One of the negative complaints was the authors did support their argument with facts, yet there was an extensive list of source notes for avery chapter, with active URLs to those sources, in the back of the book. That is one thing I like about Kindle books you can click on the links while reading the text. I also like the dictionary feature as well. Do not know the word, highlight it and up comes a definition.

After reading Cracking Big Green, it is really about money and power. The climate and the environment are just an excuse for the elites to exert control over the lower classes, and implements UN Agenda 21.

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