Next Generation Science Standards – Crap Climate Science

There is growing evidence our high schools are not preparing students for college level course work, with almost a quarter of those entering college required to take remedial Math and English before continuing their higher education. This is a clear indication that our K-12 schools are failing in their mission to educate our children.

Many students are avoiding science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers, as they are not prepared for the rigor of the courses required to graduate in these demanding careers. One initiative to help address this problem was the development of some science standards for K-12 students. California has adopted these Next Generation Science Standards.

However, state legislatures in West Virginia, Wyoming, and North Carolina have raised some issues with these standards, especially in relationship to climate change. The NGSS promotes “consensus science” implying that humans are responsible for climate change. The NGSS does not allow for the discussion for all the potential causes for global warming, it promotes anthropogenic global warming, using the general circulation models as evidence.

Elsewhere the standards the authors promote scientific inquiry, but not in the area of climate science. This is the issue raised by the state legislators. There is no such thing as consensus science. The issue of anthropogenic warming has not been resolved, except by the NGSS, where the discussion of alternative sources of warming, such as natural cycles, is not allowed.

The NGSS is teaching your children, or grand children, crap science. Consensus is a political term that has no utility in real science. Students should be allowed to investigate the cause of climate change and come to their own conclusion, based on some real science inquiry, not a spoon feed conclusion.

Are you comfortable with how students are being taught science on our schools?   Call the schools  report your concerns.

Standard is here: NGSS Combined Topics 11.8.13

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