The Merchants of Smear

This is from the author of Cracking Big Green, which I highly recommend. Some of our local progressive bloggers are using the same smear tactics. Worth your time to read, but more important to understand.

Watts Up With That?

Obama, Gore other climate alarmists refuse to debate, but love to vilify – and love their money

merchants_of_smearGuest essay by Paul Driessen

Manmade climate disaster proponents know the Saul Alinksy community agitator playbook by heart. In a fight, almost anything goes. Never admit error; just change your terminology and attack again. Expand your base, by giving potential allies financial and political reasons to join your cause. Pick “enemy” targets, freeze them, personalize them, polarize them and vilify them.

The “crisis” was global cooling, until Earth stopped cooling around 1976. It was global warming, until our planet stopped warming around 1995. The alarmist mantra then became “climate change” or “climate disruption” or “extreme weather.” Always manmade. Since Earth’s climate often fluctuates, and there are always weather extremes, such claims can never be disproven, certainly not to the alarmists’ satisfaction.

Alarmists say modern civilization’s “greenhouse gas” emissions are causing profound climate change…

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  1. Please note, about midway through his piece, Driessen refers to my “Merchants of Smear” Policy Brief at the Heartland Institute. Some additional information about my work is seen within their press release last October about my Policy Brief:


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