No Warming In Antarctica During Satellite Record

Steven Frisch, Sierra Business Council CEO, challenged one of my posts on the lack of climate change. His claim was that Antarctica was melting, as a result of increased human CO2 emissions. I promised to provide additional information on Antarctica temperatures. Here is some information for his consideration.


By Paul Homewood

According to GHG theory, it is the poles which should be warming fastest. Apparently, nobody told the South Pole.


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3 Responses to No Warming In Antarctica During Satellite Record

  1. Todd Juvinall says:

    Russ what is trhe staus on the libs claim about current sea levels?


  2. stevefrisch says:

    Here is the full thread–please read it and tell me if you think the statement that I said “…..Antarctica was melting, as a result of increased human CO2 emissions.” is an accurate statement.


  3. stevefrisch says:

    I would thank you to be accurate when you state what I have said that can be found on your own blog. Here is my post:
    “stevefrisch says:
    01/01/2015 at 7:31 PM
    Happy to do it Russ. I am glad I found some new reading for you.

    I would be the fist to admit that some or all of the melting measured in the west Antarctic ice sheet MAY be related to geothermal activity.

    I think one of the issues with the Antarctic ice sheet melting is that there is a less certain set of potential causes than there is for example on the Greenland ice sheet [not to mention that the amount of loss is less certain than in Greenland].

    There is also the distinct possibility that there is a combination of causes, such as legacy melting from Ozone depletion and increased solar radiation, warming of ocean currents adjacent to the west Antarctic ice sheet in the Amundsen Sea which has been more reliably measured than it has been off the eastern Shackleton Shelf area, soot deposition leading to more heat absorption, geothermal activity, etc.

    Reading quite a bit of climate science I can reliably say that climatologists would be the first to admit that uncertainty exists, and I have never seen a generally accepted peer reviewed report that does not address the uncertainty issue, with varying degrees depending upon the reliability of the data, or refer to another study that addresses levels of certainty.”

    Please note that I did not say that Antarctic melting was caused by C02 emissions, I clearly stated that it was ONE of the potential causes.

    This is a prime example of how a denier like Russ mischaracterize information, particularly around uncertainty….


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