Climate Science and 2016 Election

To understand climate change science, a person must have a basic understanding of the scientific process, and the ability to think rationally. A candidate’s position on climate change is one indicator if they have a basic understanding of science and can think rationally. I will update the list below as the 2016 campaign unfolds and positions are clarified or changed for political expediency.

Republican Candidates on Climate Change

Bush – does not believe humans cause climate change

Marco Rubio – human activity has nothing to do with climate change

Rand Paul – not sure if humans cause climate change

Chris Christie – is an anthropogenic climate change believer

Ted Cruz – emphatically convinced the anthropogenic warming is a hoax.

Bobby Jindal – no explicit statement

Scott Walker – signed no taxes for climate change legislation pledge

Mike Huckabee – anthropogenic warming is a hoax

Rick Santorum – global warming is “a beautifully concocted scheme” by liberals

Democratic Candidates on Climate change

Hillery Clinton – global warming is a major issue

Joe Biden – supports treaty on climate change requiring emissions reductions

Elizabeth Warren – anthropogenic global warming is a fact

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