Right Here in Our Little Foothill Villages

The local liberal and conservative writers have been duking it out in The Union’s editorial page and liberal blogs. Recent arrived Democrats profess to have some ideas about how we should improve our little communities and make them more to liberal liking, and they have run into some push back from local conservatives..

Christopher Caldwell, writing in The Weekly Standard has some insight into small town Democrats and liberalism. Some of which we has been displayed on local blogs.

“At some point, Democrats became the party of small-town people who think they’re too big for their small towns. It is hard to say how it happened: Perhaps it is that Republicans’ primary appeal is to something small-towners take for granted (tradition), while Democrats’ is to something that small-towners are condemned for lacking (diversity). Both appeals can be effective, but it is only the latter that incites people to repudiate the culture in which they grew up. Perhaps it is that at universities–through which pass all small-town people aiming to climb to a higher social class–Democratic party affiliation is the sine qua non of being taken for a serious, non-hayseed human being. For these people, liberalism is not a belief at all. No, it’s something more important: a badge of certain social aspirations. That is why the laments of the small-town leftists get voiced with such intemperance and desperation. As if those who voice them are fighting off the nagging thought: If the Republicans aren’t particularly evil, then maybe I’m not particularly special.”

The Purple Man at the Sierra Foothills Report is always chiding local Republicans and conservatives for not displaying enough “diversity” and that local citizens are too invested in their “traditions.” The Purple Man seems to fit Caldwell’s profile of a small-town liberal Democrat.

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  1. Todd Juvinall says:

    Good find Russ.


  2. gjrebane says:

    Indeed he does – to a tee.


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