Shasta County is Fighting CARB – Where is Nevada County in the Fight?

Shasta County is Fighting CARB! The California Air Resources Board’s regulations and mandates are crippling businesses and destroying equipment used in California College training programs.

CARB destroyed perfectly good equipment being used daily at the school [Shasta Community College] for its courses on operating and maintaining heavy equipment. The equipment never leaves the campus. But it did not have one of the newly deified diesel exhaust filters, so CARB would not allow its use. CARB agents came to the College, and used a blow torch to burn holes through the operating parts of the perfectly operating equipment, which was then hauled off for scrap.

CARB then offered the county a grant of near $500,000 from tax dollars to replace the equipment. The school had to come up with matching of about $98,000 which came from tax dollars and industry donations.

Keep in mind this class heavy equipment was not used off campus; it was not the type 24-7 over road use that was first attacked by EPA. CARB, by wrote, interfered in the educational quality at a state community college—-and used tax dollars to do it. This is another example of the adage: If you give a bureaucrat a power, he will use it! With that in mind, here’s Shasta Community College trustee board member Scott Swendiman. More HERE, including a video.

Shasta County has decided they have enough of CARB and are airing this radio ad HERE.

My question is, when will Nevada County start fighting back? When will the Board of Supervisors stop rolling over and push back? We elected them to represent the best interest of citizens and business in the County, yet they continue to accept the crap science put out by CARB, including CO2 audits. There is no scientific evidence that human CO2 emissions are a danger to the public. There was no scientific evidence that diesel exhaust was a health danger

“The EPA acknowledges, however, that the data provided are not sufficient in themselves to replicate the analyses in the epidemiological studies, nor would they allow for the one to one mapping of each pollutant and ecological variable to each subject.”(McCarthy letter to Chairman Smith, March 7,2014)

In May, 2008, CARB released a report by Dr. Hien Tran that set forth the quantitative and qualitative methodology for estimating premature deaths from being exposed to particulates. Than claimed that he held a doctorate in statistics from University of California, Davis, when in fact he possessed only a “pay for” doctorate ordered from a ups box number in Manhattan. (The certificate evidencing a doctorate from “Thornhill U” cost $1,000 according to a blog post by Chris Hill for U-T San Diego, September 6, 2009)

Our Supervisors continue to accept this crap science from CARB as gospel and roll over every time CARB sends them a mandate. This is not how you protect the health and wealth of Nevada County.  Ask your Supervisor what have you done to fight CARB today?

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  1. Russ Steele says:

    A regular readers writes:

    Russ, just read your piece about CARB destroying diesel powered equipment at Shasta Community College.
    I’m thinking there must have been some backlash from this. A few months after Nichols sent her henchmen to Redding last year, CARB changed their rules to allow low mileage vehicles without filters to continue in operation for a few more years. Note subnote 1 at bottom of page 1. State and local governments are exempt and subject to other rules. I guess the Nev. Co. supes have no beef with CARB since their vehicles are exempt. Screw local businesses, as long as the county doesn’t have to budget for diesel upgrades.

    One month after the mileage limitation rule, they expanded NoX exemption areas. How convenient! Nonetheless, the damage was done. To top it off, Shasta replaced the equipment at taxpayer expense with mostly Kamatsu rigs.

    I thank the reader for this update!


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