Well, if nobody’s going to ask the question, I will.

Caution, this article should not be read by liberal warmers, it could damage their health and mental stability.


By any stretch of the imagination, the climate skeptic community and the people inside it willing to express that supposedly unfashionable viewpoint in public are in terms of representation a small one. It’s invariably portrayed by an overwhelmingly hostile mass media as diminishingly small, marginalised, insane, revanchist, bigoted, reactionary, scientifically ignorant, misogynist, racist, petroleum corrupted and whatever other vile aspersions they can think of.

We’re the niggas of the twenty-first century, we’re in the search and destroy zone, a free fire zone, if you find them standing in it, you shoot them, if they run, you shoot them as well. It’s a Rules of Engagement wet dream situation. Anything can be said of us by people who feel all white and moral as they string us up in the media. All that’s missing is hooded Klansmen with burning torches in the middle of the night but on reflection, that’s already happened.

Once you…

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