California Drought Report #1

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California has a long history of droughts and floods according to the scientist studying climate history in California, including Dr. B. Lynn Ingram who has co-authored a book The West Without Water.

Dr. B. Lynn Ingram is interviewed HERE.

Our political leaders have no idea if this is a 3-4 year drought, a 20-30 year drought, or that we are on the cusp of a 200 year drought, all of which the state has experienced over the last 5,000 years. They are unprepared for any drought longer than 3-4 years, as was recently demonstrated by Governor Brown and his drought emergency declaration. More details HERE.

As the water supply diminishes, there will social and cultural consequences.  Politicians will try to price water at such high levels people will be forced to conserve. Lawns and gardens will be left to dry up. The health of poor people will suffer from the lack of access to water. Rich people will be encouraged to drain swimming pools. People will rat on their neighbors when they think the neighbors are not complying with community standards for water conservation.

This is an introduction to a series of drought reports, covering the history, the science, the impacts and some tips on surviving the coming drought.  Please share a link with family and friends. 

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