State of Jefferson


The local blogger at Sierra Foothill Report writes:

BTW, I also noticed an editorial in The Union by Eddie Garcia promoting the State of Jefferson (again). Let it go Eddie. The majority of us do not want to join the State of Jefferson. It makes no sense. I don’t find this kind of content very compelling either. I would be more interested in reading editorials about local education or something.

Yet, this is the result of the latest poll in The Union:

Jefferson Poll ResultsYour thoughts?

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6 Responses to State of Jefferson

  1. Twain says:

    simply put your the minority not the majority , the majority of people who have any clue want this, its about freedom stupid , freedom from a corrupt control freak government ,


  2. Jeremiah Monasmith says:

    Who is this “local blogger” who so confidently misrepresents the desires of us, the people? Speak for yourself! Is that too much to ask?


  3. You can show them the poll all you want, they will still post the SAME “Nobody wants it” rubbish.


  4. Joel Snook says:

    “The majority of us do not want to join the State of Jefferson. It makes no sense.” Well that settles that! I can go back to enjoying our state government helping me run my life while ignoring my votes. And you didn’t have to waste time with your own poll or presenting facts!


  5. Todd Juvinall says:

    Funny how people like the owner of a magazine and former editor of a free press newspaper is so anti free speech. Is that a mental disease?


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