California Drought Report #32 – Over Population

Jerry Brown Worries About ‘Overpopulation’ Amid California Drought

Gov. Jerry Brown is worried that the Golden State will eventually have too many people for the state’s water supplies to support.

Brown made the comments before the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Board and also warned that global warming was exacerbating California’s drought.

I have written many times about the conflict between water storage and the expanding number of toilet flushers in California. The state’s population grew, while the state’s water storage remained relatively static from 1973 to the present.  Now that drought a crisis has arrived, the Governor is starting to worry about over population. It seems to me that our political leaders, including Governor Brown should have thought about the growing number of toilet flushers and the need for water a long time ago.

The emphasis on global warming is just a wealth distribution scheme, and it is important to promote the charade to keep the AB-32 money flowing, even thought global warming has paused for the last 18 years. Thus, Gov Brown is unable to answer the question, how did an 18 year pause in global warming exacerbate the California drought?

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  1. Russ Steele says:

    When discussing California’s landmark cap-and-trade legislation set up to pay for carbon emissions, there is more conversation about money than there is about climate change. How much will the program cost? How will the money be spent? How will the overall economy be affected if billions of dollars are being redirected by governmental regulations?


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