World is on a collision course with fossil fuels, Gov. Jerry Brown says

LA Times:

After two days of rubbing shoulders with an international collection of politicians, Gov. Jerry Brown emerged from a climate-change conference here with new partnerships in the fight against global warming.

In a speech Wednesday to government officials and environmental advocates that capped his trip, the governor took aim at “troglodytes” who deny the threat of climate change, and insisted that all aspects of modern life must be scrutinized to save the planet.

For Jerry Brown, climate change issue melds the spiritual and political “We have to redesign our cities, our homes, our cars, our electrical generation, our grids — all those things,” Brown said. “And it can be done with intelligence. We can get more value from less material.”

Addressing climate change, Brown said, requires reckoning with things that have made life comfortable for billions of people.


We are in for some interesting times, the Governor if fighting a challenge that does not exist, and we are going to pay the price.  No warming for 18 years and six months. The Pacific and Atlantic are entering a cool phase and sun going quiet. Last time that happened the climate cooled and winters were long an brutal.

Governor Brown:  Mother Nature is not listening to your climate change panic.

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3 Responses to World is on a collision course with fossil fuels, Gov. Jerry Brown says

  1. Sean says:

    “Last time that happened the climate cooled and winters were long and brutal.”

    Russ you may be right but I happened to live in So. Cal. during the cooling scare in the 70’s. I remember horror stories from my wife’s uncle about more than 30 days below 0 F in Minneapolis while we wore shorts in January and February. I recall a friend from college who marveled at the 4 feet of show that fell near Buffalo around the 1st of the year while we saw the 80’s in January. California really is a parallel universe when it comes to the weather and climate. I just hope he keeps his remedies out there on the west coast.


  2. Todd Juvinall says:

    Russ, what are the stats on a tree, say a thirty inch diameter tree, and its “sequestration” of carbon amounts? Or an acre of Tahoe National forest? Has someone put a chart together?


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