“Fracking and Water” Promotes Lefty Cow Discharge

Our local lefty blogger is discharging a small cow because The Union published a letter in support of fracking by a person not living in our community. OMG!

In a letter titled “Fracking and Water” on The Union’s letter page this morning, an Isaac Orr from Waupaca, Wisc. defends fracking in our drought-ridden state by stating: “Seventy million gallons of water seems like a lot until you realize it amounts to only 0.0069 percent of all the water used in California, a tiny fraction of the state’s overall water use.”

Who is this dangerous person:

Isaac Orr is a research fellow at The Heartland Institute. He previously worked as a research analyst and writer in the office of Wisconsin State Senator Frank Lasee, and prior to that interned with the Rancher’s Cattleman Action Legal Fund. He graduated in 2010 with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a bachelors of arts degree in political science with a minor in geology.

In addition to the Heartland Policy Study mentioned earlier, he has written letters to the editor and op-eds that have been published in USA Today, The Houston Chronicle, The Washington Times and The Hill, and online at American Thinker and Human Events. He was also the author of article “Frac Sand Study Lots of Scare, Little Science,” published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in October of 2014.

Now he has been published in The Union to set the record straight. The left just hates it when their unscientific crap gets exposed.

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  1. Todd Juvinall says:

    You should read Jane Braxton Little’s propagnda on “climate change” in today’s SacBee page 3E. She is apparently the female version of Steve Frisch. A know-it-all and she lives in Plumas County!


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