Fact Checking Local Left (Edited 11-14-15)

[Note: Edited for clarity at the prompting of Mr Mashey in a comment on Sierra Foothills Report on 11-14-15.]

Norm Sauer has an Other Voices in The Union in response of Michael Mann’s defense of his “hockey stick” Other Voices. Norm deals in the facts, and angers the local left, specifically Mr John Mashey who writes at the Sierra Foothills Report:

Well, Sauer is either:a
1) Deliberately deceptive OR
2) Totally clueless

And his use of the graph is a tipoff, because he cites the page number from IPCC, which he almost certainly got from Inhofe’s book, but never read the IPCC document himself.

Here is what Norm wrote:

The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) was created to officially work on the global warming issue. Its first progress report in 1990 on Page 202 showed a graph in which the Medieval Warm Period was portrayed as clearly warmer than the present.

Here is what I found on Page 202 of the first FAR, note the highlighted page number upper left.


Mr Mashey doubles down:

If Mr. Sauer were testifying in court, I’d ask:
1) Did you get the *image* on the left from IPCC(1990), and if said yes, I’d allege perjury and prove it.
2) If he admitted no, I’d ask where he got it, and ask him why he cited p.202, and had he read that?
If he claimed he had, then I’d allege perjury or at least misrepresentation and prove that … since I do have a copy, have read it, and even provided an annotated copy at the link in my first post. [My emphasis added]

[If Mr. Mashey did read the report as he claims, how could he miss the page number in the upper left? I found the original text and graphic at the IPCC web site archive. I have no idea where Mr. Mashey got his copy.]

I am left wondering what Mr Mashey was reading, the graphic is clearly on page 202. A simple fact the left refuses to admit.

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