California Drought Report #44: When will El Niño Rains Start in Nevada City?

Looking at four strong El Niño years — 1957-58, 1972-73, 1982-83 and 1997-98 — the overall annual rainfall totals have exceeded the historical average of 55 inches.
1957-58: Nov 2.7, Dec 9.87, Jan 10.73, Feb 17.40, March 14.68, April 10.72 Year 1958 exceed the Average by 7 inches.
1972-73: Nov 11.55, Dec 6.72, Jan 20.00, Feb 13.92, Mar7.13, April 0.64. Year !973 exceed the average by 27 inches
1982-83: Nov 12.44, Dec 12.11, Jan 11.79, Feb 15.81, Marc 21.85, Apr 7.46 Year 1983 exceed the average by 44 inches.
1997-98: Nov 10.11, Dec 5.43, Jan 21.99, Feb 23.85, Mar 5.89, Apr 7.32 Year 1998 exceeded the average by 35 inches.

Interesting to note that the most rain came in Jan and Feb. Only three of the four El Niño did Nevada City see significant rain in November.  The question is will we see lots of rain in November of 2015?  Stay tuned.

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  1. Sean says:

    It’s interesting to listen to Joe Bastardi at Weatherbell. He’s sees the upcoming season as most similar to 1957-58 based on the Pacific Ocean temperature distribution. Wetter than normal but not a deluge.


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