SAC Bee Solving Global Warming

Sac Bee on how to solve global warming in CA:
One: More plug-in infrastructure by utility companies, with all the ratepayers footing the bill.

Two: State taxpayers provide more incentives to electric vehicle buyers.

Three: Car dealers push the sale of ZEV’s regardless of the buyers needs.

Four: Drivers need to buy ZEVs regardless of their needs, so they can stick it to OPEC and Texas.

Yea, this should work to meet Governor Brown’s desire to have 1.5 million ZEVs on the road in the next ten years. CA currently has 163,000 ZEV on the road. To meet that goal car dealers will have to push 133,7000 onto unsuspecting buyers per year. That is just 30,000 shy of all the ZEVs on the road today. That is a big challenge for your local new car dealer. Oh, wait Nevada County does not have any local new car dealers. I guess we are good with our fossil fuel vehicles.

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4 Responses to SAC Bee Solving Global Warming

  1. Sean says:

    Actually, its called social justice. Just as there is income disparity, there is living expense disparity. The rich people near the coast have a very high cost of living due to the value of real estate close to the ocean. The people living in the hot (or cold) inland valleys have much lower housing expenses so the state of California is using the utility network to increase the cost of energy thereby making the cost of living between the rich coastal regions and the poor inland valleys more equitable.


  2. Stu says:

    So, where is all this power going to come from? And at what cost?


    • Russ Steele says:

      No fair, you are asking logical questions for which the left has no answers. Please do not be mean to our local lefties, they whine when confronted with the truth.


  3. It’s a pretty incredible idea that they could hit those targets with the current infrastructure. They’ve got basically no choice.


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