No Jeff, 2015 was not the Hottest Year On Record.

I am sure the NOAA scientist and their supervisors are counting on some bonus checks for their latest distortion of the truth that 2015 was the hottest year on record and our lefty bloggers are chuckling in glee. The problem is NOAA own temperature data and satellite temperature data says that 2015 was only the third warmest year, mainly due to the current El Niño heat in the Pacific.

NOAA developed the U.S Climate Reference Network(USCRN), a state of the art network that it did not need continuous adjustments and questionable fiddling with the data which is required by the COOP/USHCN network, which NOAA used to report 2015 was the hottest year.

When you look at temperature that isn’t biased by continuous adjustments you find that 2015 was not the hottest record at all according to the USCRN, 2015 comes in third for the USA:


OK, that was the US, what about the global temperatures?  Let’s look at the satellite data which provides complete global coverage. Dr. Roy Spencer at his blog:


This makes 2015 the third warmest year globally (+0.27 deg C) in the satellite record (since 1979), behind 1998 (+0.48 deg C) and 2010 (+0.34 deg. C). Since 2016 should be warmer than 2015 with the current El Nino, there is a good chance 2016 will end up as a record warm year…it all depends upon how quickly El Nino wanes later in the year.

So, Jeff  when you use the unadjusted data,  2015 was still only the third warmest year on record.  

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    Flashback: 1990 NASA Report: ‘Satellite analysis of upper atmosphere is more accurate, & should be adopted as the standard way to monitor temp change.’

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