California Drought Report #63: Healthy Sierra snowpack – but no ‘drought buster’

In El Niño year, levels much improved from last year Northern California is in far better shape than Southern California according to the Sac Bee Digital Edition.

CA Snow Pack

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., speaking to The Sacramento Bee editorial board Wednesday, warned against quickly loosening the mandatory restrictions imposed by Gov. Jerry Brown last year.

“I think it’s premature right now,” she said. “I think we need to see what happens in April … an important month for water.”

The State Water Resources Control Board will revisit its conservation mandates in May. Max Gomberg, climate and conservation manager, said the board likely will move to “a more regional framework” in which different areas face different targets, depending in part on the health of their water supply.

“We’re sensitive to what local water agencies are going through, trying to keep customers conserving when the customers can see how much rain there’s been,” Gomberg said.

It is hard to continue conservation measures when dam spillways are full of water on its way to the ocean. Not flushing the toilet and short showers just do not make good sense,  especially when the Water Agencies are pushing  good flushing and shower water down the Sacramento River to the ocean.  The mind rebels and you go back to flushing and extending the shower and extra five minutes.

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