Michael Mann Endorses Heidi Hall – Huh?

This earth shaking news appeared on a local blog site:

Nationally known climate expert Dr. Michael E. Mann has endorsed Heidi Hall for District 1 Supervisor in western Nevada County CA. Hall is running against Duane Strawser.

Mann directs the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University and is the author of “The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches From the Front Lines.”

Michael Mann is all so the subject of a book written by Mark Steyn, A Disgrace to the Profession. The World’s Scientist in their own words On Michael Mann, His Hockey Stick, and their Damage to Science. Volume I.

Steyn collected and published over a hundred critical evaluations of Mann’s Hockey Stick and his work as a scientist.  Dr Judith Curry, Georgia Institute of Technology :

For the past decade, scientists have come to the defense of Michael Mann some how thinking that defending Michael Mann is fighting against the ‘war on science’ … The climate science field, and the broader community of academics, have received an enormous black eye as a result of defending the hockey stick and his behavior.

discraceIf I were Heidi Hall I would be cautious about being endorsed by a discredited climate scientist, accepting and promoting this endorsement does not show good judgment and the lack of scientific understanding. I highly recommend that Ms. Hall read A Disgrace to the Profession, and then rethink her promotion of Mann’s endorsement.

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