Do You Live in A Bubble Update:

Charles Murray Writes:

In my latest download of the numbers from NewsHour, I have 66,647 cases with complete and interpretable data, which I define as cases with zip codes for both age ten and currently; a current age of at least twenty; and a bubble score greater than zero and less than 100 (given the nature of the items, the 37 scores of either 0 or 100 are awfully suspicious). The distribution of these 66,647 is extremely close to a bell curve.

Full discussion is HERE:

Bubble Bell Curve

See where you fall on the bell curve. Remember the lower the number the thicker  the wall of your bubble. The higher number represents a thinner wall on your bubble.

My score was 66, well up the curve.  I did not realize those summers working in the Wyoming oil fields could be such a bubble thinner.

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  1. steve frsich says:

    I am amazed I have a ‘thinner’ bubble than any one else who has posted here to date 🙂


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