California Drought Report #64: Dry Winter Expected for California

Forecast: La Niña to replace El Niño conditions in the fall of 2016 – dry winter for California expected.

This summer there will be lots of fun and rejoicing on California lakes and reservoirs, many of which are now nearly full thanks to a strong El Niño in the winter of 2015/2016 that produced copious amounts of rain and snow in March. Many in California have started thinking that the drought is over, no more worries. They couldn’t be more wrong.
enso_pic1California still hasn’t learned anything from the last water crisis, and still isn’t building any new water storage infrastructure. It may take a mega-drought before they finally decide the survival of the state is more important than the greenies’ wailing objections to new reservoirs. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

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Remember it is Heidi Hall, District I Candidate, that thinks humans are responsible for climate change. If you look at Mother Nature’s track record, it appears we humans are not playing much of a role in changing the climate.   Why does Hall think humans are now responsible for natural variation in climate change?  Is she stupid, or just following the lefty talking points on climate change?  I am voting for the latter.

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2 Responses to California Drought Report #64: Dry Winter Expected for California

  1. Bob Hobert says:

    The weather gods are just playing with California. Will we learn anything? It is time to stop wasting half of our reservoir water. Why let half of the stored water run freely to the sea while we pump our ground water tables to extinction to raise our crops, which are diminishing due to water shortages? Ground water tables will never recover if we keep pumping. Uncaring fools are opposing more water storage, even as our population has doubled since the last reservoir was built. The know-nothings in SF even want to tear out Hetch Hetchy. Maybe we should oblige them, since 100% of the Hetch’s water goes to their city.


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