Green Reality Check?

Musk Stench

Went past McBean Park in Lincoln this morning and there were about 40 cute little white vehicles with Solar City logos parked around the park. It looked like they were having a company meeting. Perhaps management was explaining the awful first quarter and the big downer in the company stock. This news makes selling the liability of Solar City harder for all those solar sales people. A wake-up call for Elon Musk and the green movements, some day the subsidies will run out and  then what?

Here is another dose of reality for the greenies:

Here’s a dose of reality about Tesla’s heavily hyped mass-market Model 3 electric car: The company hasn’t yet finalized the design for the Model 3, hasn’t selected its parts suppliers, isn’t sure it can produce and deliver the car in volume and on time, and still needs to do “extensive testing” to make sure the car can meet quality standards and government regulations. –Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times, 11 May 2016

I wonder how many Nevada County greenies pre-registered for a Model 3 by slapping down their $1,000?  They may have been scammed!

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2 Responses to Green Reality Check?

  1. Stu says:

    And Tesla accounts for about half of that!
    Setting aside the way they are sold as opposed to any other automobile.
    When you consider the existing Tesla cars for “sale” – you’re not paying anywhere near what it actually costs to produce. The manufacturing is heavily subsidized, the sale is heavily subsidized and even still they loose thousands per car, the only “real” money they make is selling carbon credits to other automakers who produce cars that make economic sense.

    Waiting to see when the model 3 actually hits the streets – wonder if Condos and HOA’a are going to require an extra fire insurance rider?


    • Russ Steele says:

      The Power Packs that Solar City will start selling this fall should require an extra fire insurance rider and they can become fire bombs as the batteries age, corrode and catch fire. A model 3 in the garage, should double the cost of the rider.


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