Green Screen Review #8: Locked in VR Prison

The New York Times has a VR article that should be of interest to local economic developers: Tripping Down a Virtual Reality Rabbit Hole

This sounds obvious: The whole point of virtual reality is to create a fantasy divorced from the physical world. You’re escaping the dreary mortal coil for a completely simulated experience: There you are, climbing the side of a mountain, exploring a faraway museum, flying through space or getting in bed with someone way out of your league.

But in many ways, the simulation is too immersive. After spending a few weeks with two of the most powerful V.R. devices now on the market, the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. I suspect that V.R. will be used by the masses one day, but not anytime soon. I’m not sure we’re ready to fit virtual reality into our lives, no matter how excited Silicon Valley is about it.

Getting completely submerged in a simulation is good for things like games, but for most media total immersion feels like a strangely old-fashioned experience. Because it leaves your body helplessly stuck in the physical world while your mind wanders, V.R. doesn’t fit with the way most people work at a computer, watch TV or encounter many other digital experiences.

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The question is will the Green Screen Institute have the legs necessary to carry it to an economic success? The NY Times writer does not think consumers are ready for VR in the near term.   This could be a problem for the success of the Green Screen Institute.

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2 Responses to Green Screen Review #8: Locked in VR Prison

  1. gjrebane says:

    VR acceptance will depend on specific apps and the functions they better enable or benefit. An overall statement like NYT’s is probably not warranted at this time.

    When did you start running ads on your blog?


    • Russ Steele says:

      There was always the potential for ads, as I was using the free version of I had avoided ads for years, now I need to go Pro and eliminate the ads.


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