Green Screen Review #12: Zuckerberg is coming, Zuckerberg is COMING!

Picked up a copy of Bloomberg Business Week at the Amazon Book Store in Seattle. On the cover is a VR article featuring Facebook’s Zuckerberg. He wants to take over the VR market and control it like Apple and Google control the mobile phone market.

Apart from cracking the workings of the mind—pretty cool!—Oculus will give Zuckerberg the chance to actually make an object, as opposed to the intangible millions of lines of code that constitute Facebook. That code is an achievement, but a physical object that people love might be talked about a generation later. People hate throwing things away, because they remember how they loved them. Things get tied up with one’s youth and years later get found in an attic and caressed, or maybe traded on EBay.

There’s a less romantic reason for getting into the hardware business, too: Facebook wants to own VR the way Apple and Google own mobile. That means taking control of the technology, from the software to the hardware.

Is the Green Screen Institute up to this challenge?  Facebook has billions to spend on VR development!  How much does the Green Screen Institute have to develop a regional model to create a cluster of VR related businesses?  Maybe they can get Zuckerberg to create a Nevada County VR Skunkworks at the GSI?  There are a number of local business that were spinouts of expired skunkworks projects.

An online version of the Facebook VR Article is HERE.

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5 Responses to Green Screen Review #12: Zuckerberg is coming, Zuckerberg is COMING!

  1. Russ Steele says:

    Dear Reader,

    This post has been reviewed by JeffP at the Sierra Foothills Report and found wanting. First, he calls me a climate change denier. I do not deny the climate changes; I just do not believe in the warmers position that human CO2 emissions are responsible for that climate change. The Sun and natural variability creating by the ocean cycles are responsible for increases in global temperatures. The 18-year pause in temperature increases will return after the latest El Niño spike subsides, which it is rapidly doing. We could soon be in a cooler La Niña cycle. This cooling combined with the declining sunspots will soon result in global cooling. Why do I believe that, because it is a climate cycle that has occurred in the past throughout history and will again?

    My views on VR will be posted in a future comment, or perhaps a blog post. The current VR hype may be just a fad; it could be a trend or a game changer. I am still working on that analysis.


  2. Videodrone says:

    I may be dense and old fashioned but I still only see limited applications for VR (gaming, CAD, Chemistry to start) a bit more for AR but limited to some sort of goggle use outside the production end (just finished a 4k studio build with Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality and the limitations are a significant barrier to use – requiring not only an artist to create the set/character/object, if needed and animator(s) but also someone who understands perspective and has accurately mapped and characterized the camera/lens and space)


  3. gjrebane says:

    Why would Zberg want to create an incubator that spins out VR businesses which can then be bought by the highest bidder (e.g. Google, Apple), and then become just one of the bidders with no guarantee of success in acquiring the newco, but every expectation of paying a premium for it? Wouldn’t a wholly owned skunkworks, the spawned newcos for which Zberg would have the first right of refusal, be a more reasonable approach?


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