Nevada County Fiddles While the Environmentalist Fires Continue to Consume the Local Economy.

The Union Editorial Staff wrote that NIMBYism is destroying the local economy and it is time for citizens to recognize that much need tax dollars for infrastructure improvements are slipping way to Placer County.

Nevada County also is a place where you can’t afford a home. There’s barely any new development, a scarcity of high-speed internet connections, a masochistic level of NIMBYism and a phalanx of sales tax revenue running as fast as it can to Auburn, Roseville and beyond.

We as a community have to change if we want a better story.

The Editors failed to consider two important factors, one of which Steven Frisch pointed out on another local blog:

By the way, by the time Nevada County “wins” the sales tax battle and is successful reducing “leakage” to ex-urban community norms we will already be well down the road to the new model of retail, which is on line.

The other factor missed by the editors is the economic friction created by AB-32, which Governor Brown just extended and increased CARB’s power to levy more CO2 reducing regulations. The impact will be more costly and less reliable electrical power.

“Brown’s signature will cost the state economically, as businesses and entrepreneurs increasingly flee California’s anti-business environment. The higher energy costs and increased unreliability of the state’s electric grid resulting from this law, should the state actually try and enforce it, are just more nails in California’s economic coffin – with future politicians, ratepayers, and businesses paying the price for the climate mania of Gov. Moonbeam and the legislature’s liberal Democrats.”

H. Sterling Burnett, Research Fellow, Environment and Energy Policy, The Heartland Institute

If a business is going to move, why move to Nevada County, why not move to a more business-friendly state? According to Joel Kotkin, this is the major demographic trend. More details here.

The Union’s Editorial Board need to look at the larger picture. There are more economic destroyers than NIMBYism.

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  1. Russ Steele says:

    American Interest:

    The Kotkin and Cox data points to a dispersion of high-earners—and the investment capital they bring with them—away from the coasts, and toward less dense, less costly, and more conservative parts of the country. This ought to puncture the widespread illusions about the inherent superiority of the blue coastal model, and exert far-reaching effects on the geography of U.S. economic growth over the next several decades.


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