Green Screen Review #14 :Perpetual novelty can only last so long

Google Daydream is a quixotic quest to make VR normal

Practically, though, Daydream will still just be a delivery mechanism for pictures and video — media that’s more immersive, sure, but hard to mistake for real life. The notion of sharing VR moments with your friends and family is genuinely great, but as long as it’s limited to Android, a lot of people will get left out, or at least be limited to less comfortable options like Google Cardboard. For all the heady possibilities of VR, the apps people end up loving on any platform can turn out to sound boring or outright silly, until you try them for yourself and get caught in a month-long bender of cat collecting or navigating Flappy Bird. The members of Google’s VR team talk about letting people go anywhere in the world through virtual reality. They also know that for some reason, people really love to flip pancakes.

It’s fun to think of VR as a direct mainline of human consciousness, an obscure kind of techno-wizardry, or basically anything except a crude and uncertain, if promising, new medium. But that’s the very thing that Daydream is implicitly pushing back against. VR is magic in the way that all technology is magic. The ultimate success, for Google, would be getting us to start taking it for granted.

Green Screeners should read the whole article. Will GSI become Android-centric and follow Google or wait for Apple to catch up.  My guess the novelty will wear off first.

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