An Evening With Lord Monckton

christopherAs Ellen and I and our friends the Buhler’s were in the sign-in line at the Sutter Buttes Tea Party Meeting, a tall man in a cowboy hat and flowing rain coat approached us and extended his hand. “Christopher Monckton” he declared, shaking our hands. We had come to hear his talk on the Agenda for Trump, with emphasis on climate change. I was not expecting to see Lord Monckton in a cowboy hat and rain coat, my mental image of him was a well-dressed Scotsman, which I had seen on some of his YouTube Climate Change presentations. He had just arrived by car from Arizona.

We learned Monckton is in California to support organizations fighting Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 efforts by Governor Brown and State Agencies to destroy farms and ranches throughout California. Specifically, the destruction of the Klamath River Dams. He claims this efforts to return the Klamath to a natural state without any dams is an attempt to implement United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 in California.

While he was in Arizona Monckton met with Sheriff Joe Arapio and examined the evidence that Joe had collected on President Obama’s Birth Certificate. According to Monckton, there is some new evidence, soon to be released that increase the probability that the birth certificate shown on the White House Website is bogus.

Following these short presentations, Monckton gave a recap of the issues that President Elect Trump needs to pay attention, with a longer performance on the multiple problems warmist have in promoting anthropogenic global warming. CO2 sensitivity in the climate models needs to be adjusted based on some real science.

I can never capture the humor, expert analysis, and insight he shares with the audience on paper. Therefore, I have included a link to a Butte Tea Party video of his performance HERE.

Before the presentation, I had an opportunity to introduce myself as a climate blogger at the Next Grand Minimum and thanked him for his contributions to Anthony Watts’ blog Watt Up With That.  His reply was “keep telling the truth.”


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  1. Mark says:

    I just got an email for a CARB meeting that you might find of interest:

    “The Air Resources Board (ARB) has posted the agenda for the December 14, 2016 Workshop on Carbon Sequestration Modeling Methods and Initial Results for the Natural and Working Lands sector of the 2030 Target Scoping Plan. The agenda and additional details about the event are available on the Scoping Plan Public Workshops webpage at:”



  2. gjrebane says:

    Jo Ann and I were sorry to have had to miss that presentation. Thanks for the report.


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