More Global Warming: A record-breaking 48 states could drop below freezing

Yes, I know it is only weather and not climate change, but I could not resist.

“The first week of 2017 looks set to be the coldest ever across the continental U.S.,” says The Daily Mail.

The coldest ever!Temperatures are likely to plummet to record lows in the first week of 2017, with at least parts of all 48 of the contiguous United States dropping to 32 degrees (0C) or under.No state will remain untouched.

Only parts of California, Arizona, and Florida are likely to remain above freezing. Even then, the mercury is expected to drop to the single digits(1F to 9F) or (-17.2C to -12.8C).The bitter cold is likely to continue into the second week of January.

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3 Responses to More Global Warming: A record-breaking 48 states could drop below freezing

  1. Russ says:

    More Global Warming: The Frigid 48: U.S. Average Temperature 11 deg. F

    The spatial average temperature over the Lower 48 at 6 a.m. is 11 deg. F, which is fully 9 deg. (!) colder than at any time last winter (20 deg. F) which occurred twice in January of 2016.

    Be sure to click on the link to the wind flow animation.


  2. gjrebane says:

    Even though ‘weather’, such low temp events become more frequent/probable during a climate cooling rather than a warming trend. We watch and wait.


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