The Reverend Gov Brown on Climate Change in his State of the State Address

Let’s examine “Reverend” Brown’s climate change remarks in more detail, a look at the Governor’s “facts.”

Whatever they do in Washington, they can’t change the facts. And these are the facts: the climate is changing, the temperatures are rising and so are the oceans. Natural habitats everywhere are under increasing stress. The world knows this.

What does the world know? It knows the climate has been changing since the planet was created, cycling between glacial and inter-glacial periods. We are current experiencing an inter-glacial period and warming after a little ice age. Yes, the temperature is rising, but no faster than the natural rate after recovering from the last ice age. According to the satellite measured temperatures, the planet has not seen any significant warming for the last 20 years, yet CO2 emission continues to increase. The connection between anthropogenic warming and natural warming is still open to debate.


Yes, as the planet warms, the sea surface has warmed some, but there is no acceleration in the warming as a result of CO2 emissions. Emissions which continue to increase due to the oceans warming as the planet warmed naturally and increased volcanic activity, releasing tons of CO2 per hour, more than humans can generate.

Are the sea levels rising? Well, that depends on where you look. Here are two tidal gauges along the California Coast, one at Crescent City and another at San Francisco.


New website gives you the real deal on sea level rise and rates

If human CO2 emissions were causing anthropogenic warming, it should be reflected everywhere, and it does not show up in the acceleration of sea level change, nor is it universal across the globe.

We cannot fall back and give in to the climate deniers. The science is clear. The danger is real.

The science is not clear. The climate models, the only evidence provided by the warmer community, are not scientific proof of anything, they are the creation of humans with a mission to show human CO2 emission are the cause of global warming, now labeled as climate change. As you can see in the graphic below, actual temperature measurements are not following the climate models, demonstrating they are seriously flawed.


Since the models are inconsistent with the real world measurements, the science is still open for debate. Science without debate isn’t science. Science with sacrosanct truths to be protected from a debate is religion. The science is not clear and nor is the danger real. CO2 is plant food and not a pollutant as claimed by the US EPA and CARB.

A recent scientific study indicates that burning fossil fuels are not a clear and present danger to the planet:

  • The highest possible projected temperature rise from fossil fuel burning over the rest of the 21st century is on the order of three-quarters of a degree C.
  • The mid-range projected temperature rise is on the order of half a degree C. If one were to bet based on these results, that would be the best bet.
  • The lowest possible projected temperature rise is on the order of one or two-tenths of a degree C.

Not even one degree in the worst case by the year 2100. This small increase would be cheered by inhabitants of northern latitudes.

To summarize, there is no real danger, the regular sea rise is not accelerating, and temperature increases are consistent with historical increases following an ice age. If there is a human contribution to that increase is so small that credible scientists have a problem identifying the smoking gun evidence. Therefore, the question is still open, the science is not clear.  Science without debate isn’t science, it is religion.

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