CA doubles down on stupid – Court OKs cap and trade, new fuel tax passed

From the LA Times:

California’s cap-and-trade program survives a legal battle in a win for Gov. Jerry Brown and environmentalists

A cornerstone of California’s battle against climate change was upheld on Thursday by a state appeals court that ruled the cap-and-trade program does not constitute an unconstitutional tax, as some business groups had claimed.
The 2-1 decision from the 3rd District Court of Appeal in Sacramento does not eliminate all the legal and political questions that have dogged the program, which requires companies to buy permits to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

This will continue to increase the cost of doing business in the state.

From the Sac Bee:

The state Legislature on Thursday passed a sweeping $52 billion transportation plan that will raise California gas taxes after leaders struck deals with wavering lawmakers to fund road projects in their districts.

The state Senate voted 27-11 and the state Assembly voted 54-26 – the bare minimum two-thirds margins required for a tax increase. The votes took place shortly after Gov. Jerry Brown met with Senate Democrats behind closed doors during a recess from the floor session.

The legislation will raise the money to pay for the plan over 10 years. It raises the base gasoline excise tax by 12 cents, creates a transportation improvement fee based on the value of a vehicle and raises diesel excise and sales taxes.

Watch businesses will be motoring out of California faster than before as the cost business and cost of living continues to climb beyond reason,

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4 Responses to CA doubles down on stupid – Court OKs cap and trade, new fuel tax passed

  1. Russ says:

    SB 1 and AB 1, legislation that increases gas taxes by 43%, along with increases for diesel fuel and vehicle registration fees, was passed by the Senate, 27-11 and Assembly, 54-26. This is another of Governor Brown’s campaign promises gone south; when during his 2010 campaign for re-election, Brown promised he would not vote for any new taxes without approval from the voters. Brown’s Bill will heavily impact business owners and transportation delivery truck drivers who will transfer the added expenses onto the consumers which will greatly affect those on limited incomes. The $52 Billion in taxes will continue to be a burden on taxpayers for years to come.

    H/T Jefferson Messenger #7


    • Russ says:

      From the Sac Bee:

      It wasn’t the sort of vote any politician likes to cast. So the measure’s success on Thursday relied on a collection of eleventh-hour sweeteners offered by Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders to reach the necessary two-thirds super-majority.

      Now that the dust has settled, it’s clear they doled out nearly $1 billion in district-specific transportation projects, with a popular commuter train system linking the valley and Bay Area headed to new locales. It also appears architects could get legal indemnity in construction lawsuits, and four Riverside County cities could see a budget boost.


  2. Stu says:

    Besides the fact that every few years taxes are raised for road repairs it ends up funding bike trails – our local burg spent over a million $’s on “The Rail Trail” along the long defunct NCRR line that runs through town which our local free range tweekrs, drunks, trimagrants and crazy folks (along with the ever present pitbulls) use but no sane person would dare set foot on.

    Between the unfunded pension liability, loss of fed $’s to “Sanctuary” cities, damage from this winter’s storms, the ever present boondoggle of the train to nowhere and continuing hemorrhage of corporations and individuals it’s only a matter of time before the house of cards implodes.


    • Russ says:

      To buy votes Brown increased the funding of public transportation, money that will not be used to fix the roads. We have to keep those empty buses roll around the community, just in case someone wants a ride. I got fired from the NC Transportation Commission when I kept focusing on the cost of every empty seat on the buses. I want the taxpayer to know what every empty seat on the bus was costing them in tax subsidies, so they would demand smaller buses. When I get reappointed to the Commission the BoS cut a deal to keep me off the Joint Use Public Transportation Commission.


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